Flint (2017)

Bonnie and Clyde (2013)

Steel Magnolias (2012)

Living Proof (2008)

Lving Proof

A Raisin In The Sun (2008)

A Raisin in the Sun

Wedding Wars (2006)

Wedding Wars

Suburban Madness (2005)

Suburban Madness

Empire (2005)


The Reagans (2003)

The Reagans

Lucy (2003)

The Music Man (2003)

The Music Man

Martin and Lewis (2002)

Martin and Lewis

Brian’s Song (2001)

Brian's Song

Life with Judy Garland:
Me and My Shadows (2001)

Life with Judy Garland

What Makes a Family (2001)

What Makes a Family

The Three Stooges (2000)

The Three Stooges

The Beach Boys:
An American Family (2000)

The Beach Boys

Flowers For Algeron (2000)

Flowers for Algernon